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2015-08 Tracing change in World Cultural Heritage : the recognition of intangible heritage
2021-04 Toward more sustainable behavior : an investigation into the mobility responses to an involuntary workplace relocation of 10,000 employees in Montreal, Canada
2004 The settlement and rural domestic architecture of Côte Saint-Antoine, 1675-1874
2011-08 The relationship between product design and business models in the context of sustainability
2005 The quantum of control : toward a theory of interaction design
2021-08 The perceptual qualities of concrete : a change in paradigm
2019-03 The mobility of elderly women of Puebla, Mexico : effects of walkability on daily trips in three neighbourhoods
2007 The meaning of the contemporary bathroom
2013-11 The intangible aspects of architectural spaces that influence human well-being
2017-04 The influence of sustainability in project management practices in the building sector
2006 The impact of tenure regularization programs on household economic behaviour and perspectives on security, values and dreams : a case study in Senegal
2014-07 The exploration of mixed-use principle as an ingredient to improve the viability and vitality of town centres in Mauritius
2007 The environment as a tool for health towards a definition of the individual boundary process = L'environnement comme outil de santé vers une définition du processus de gestion des frontières personnelles
2005 The designer in the systemic paradigm : facilitator of group design
2015-04 The autotelic experience : a design approach to user experience
2006 The affordable housing market in Montréal : a market analysis and applicability study of inclusionary zoning
2010-07 Tensions tectoniques du projet d'architecture : études comparatives de concours canadiens et brésiliens (1967-2005)
2010-05 Tables de concertation et préservation du patrimoine, solution porteuse ou chimère ? : deux cas d’étude, le Vieux-Montréal et le mont Royal
2014-08 Structure de fonctionnement des charrettes en design urbain
2006 Strategic planning for temporary housing : 1999 earthquakes in Turkey